Located at a distance of 18 km from Tiruchirappalli, Mukkombu is really a sequel to Kallanai dam and is referred to as Upper Anicut. Built at the point where River Kollidam branches off from river Kaveri, it was built by Sir Arthur Cotton in the 19th century who drew inspiration from the Kallanai dam.

A place with immense natural beauty, it opens your way acres of pristine greenery, and its well kept park may be the perfect place to open that delicious picnic basket you packed for yourself. Mukkombu is really a series of picnic spots where you can expect city natives with packs of large lunches in heavy steel containers out picnicking. It is here where memories of childhood summer vacations can be brought alive all over again. After enjoying a refreshing walk through the woods and wildflowers, you can also head over to the amusement park, located on NH 67, in Mukkombu for some excitement.

However, being a popular picnic destination and weekend getaway, if your trip lays over a weekend then you are likely to find Mukkombu crowded, especially during late evenings.

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